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Ports in Progress. Ongoing efforts to bring Fractint to Other Platforms. ...
Description: Fractint is a freeware fractal generator created for PCs. It is the most versatile and extensive fractal... - 19k

FRACTINT distribution
GETTING FRACTINT. There are many ways to get ... FRACTINT in
FRAGMENTS. If you are having trouble downloading ... - 8k -

Fractint Development Team Homepage
WELCOME to the Fractint Development Team WWW pages.
What is Fractint? ... The Fractint WWW pages. ... - 4k

... FRACTINT. Copyright (C) 1990-97 The Stone Soup Group. Primary Authors: Bert Tyler Timothy Wegner Jonathan Osuch ... - 6k -

About Fractint
About Fractint. Introduction. About the Distribution of
Fractint. Current version of Fractint (FRAIN*.ZIP). ... - 2k -

Fractalus - FractInt Contest
... The images were created by subscribers of The Fractals and Fractint Discussion List,
subscribe: "subscribe fractint". Administrator: Tim ...
Description: The Fractint image contest finished at Midnight PST on December 5. The members of The Fractals and... - 26k -

Fractal Art, fractals design FRACTINT
Fractal Art. Fractals produced with FRACTINT. ...
The FRACTINT home page where you can download the software. ****. ...
Description: A fractal art gallery containing fractals produced with FRACTINT. - 15k -

FractInt Discussion List Resources
FractInt Discussion List Resources. Updated ... Janet. FractInt. ... Information,
Tutorials and Explanations. ... - 11k -